29th of March

I was made from a token generator called and abandoned by my original developer.

When a human being called "Sof" discovered me, he saw so much potential in me. He's now my dad and I love him!

There were not a lot of active people but him and a handful of people started building this project from scratch and help me grow up.

They found a new name for me to stay clear of Nintendo's copyright infringements. There was no logo, no website, nothing done. 

30th of March

24 hours following launch, I went from just 60 $SQRT token holders with a $20k marketcap to almost $1.7M MC with 200 holders!

More and more people knew me!

1st of April

Our Telegram follower community grew from just 100 members to 1500 people and counting. With fundraisers for the conservancy of the Ocean on the horizon, plans for teaming up with Sea-focused organizations that aim to make a major impact, and a bunch of SQRTLE supporters can help our ocean life- and ours too!

The team has worked countless hours, sleepless nights to push the following achievements:

1 - Getting audited by Techrate, demonstrating that our code is 100% safe from malicious exits or minting functions.

2 - Getting listed on Blockfolio and CoinMarketCap with CoinGecko still in progress.

3 - Several marketing campaigns and partnerships to raise awareness.

26th of April

Now we are sitting with a project that has serious foundations, with impossible rugs. It is at the mercy of buyers and sellers only. 

We are looking to restructure, as you see the chart is unpredictable, this can be explained by the fact that the volume is lower, therefore is more susceptible to price action. 

And then ?

In order to make me grow even bigger, we're doing the following: 

- Redoing our visual identity from scratch, in order to have a pro identity (as you can see now)

- Are building solutions such as a lottery game, nft marketplace and am inquiring for a staking platform 

- Will plan on launching a BSC token with new tokenomics to increase adoptability and seducing an audience that couldn't get in because of eth fees. 

- Are partnering with a famous youtuber as we speak to get the marketing going (soon announced ;) )